Mobile Devices Sector

Smartphones and tablets are the major growth drivers in the mobile devices sector. Today smartphones already account for almost one third of the overall mobile phone market, and the trend is continuing. The tablet market also showed extremely strong and sturdy growth the last years and for the coming years analysts predict another jump in sales. We also see an rising demand of our HDI PCBs in game consoles or digital still cameras.


SmartphonesAT&S supplies the most advanced smartphone producers with leading edge technologies to enable voice and video calls, emails, multi-media contents, apps etc.

Tablet PC’s

Tablet PC´sTablet PC´s is the fastest growing segment in the consumer electronics industry with increasing adaptation by education institutions and businesses. What is common to all customers are high expectations in terms of product quality and on-time delivery.


UltrabooksThis is the next generation of slim and powerful laptop computers.

DSC Digital Still Cameras

DSC Digital Still CamerasWith DSC you can capture precious moments with Compact, Single-Lens Reflex, Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras.

PMP Portable Media Players

PMP Portable Media PlayersMultimedia content at your fingertips with PMP Portable Media Player.

Game Consoles

Game ConsolesNew gaming experiences with stunning visual and 3D graphics. Game consoles have the roots in a number of different industries.






HDI Rigid Flex PCB’s

HDI Rigid Flex

Special Features

  • Up to 16 Layer HDI
  • Medium to High TG Base Materials
  • Thin Glass Style (1037, 1027)
  • Thin Laminate (60µm, 50µm)
  • Low DK Materials (3.5dk @ 2Ghz 75% RC)
  • Fine Line Subtractive Etching Capabilities (40µm Line Space)
  • High I/O BGA Design (0.4mm)
  • Thin Board PCB Capability (0.3mm)
  • 50µm Laser Diameter
  • 150µm Mechanical Diameter
  • Copper Filled Laser Vias
  • UV DI Imaging Technology
  • CCD Drilling / Routing
  • Controlled Depth Routing
  • Edge Plating
  • Controlled Impedance
  • 4 Wire Testing
  • 2D Marking
  • Single Card Production Concept (Nucleus©)
  • X-OUT Replacement
  • Soldermask Tenting and Plugging
  • Resin Plugging and Cap Plating
  • OSP/ENIG Surface
  • Immersion Silver Surface
  • Hard Gold Surface
  • ENEPIG Surface (Wire Bonding Applications)