Focus on High End Medical applications and devices

AT&S is one of the few european PCB manufacturers to have obtained certification under the EN ISO 13485 Medical Devices Standard. AT&S consequently enlarges its portfolio to all fields of medical technology.


Diagnostic & Imaging

Diagnostic & Imaging

Applications are Diagnostic Instruments that provide high resolution pictures of structures inside the body.

Our PCBs are used in MRI, X-ray, Ultrasound
Diagnostic & Imaging.

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Medical Therapy

Medical TherapyThe equipment is used in the treatment of specific medical conditions.

Our PCBs are used in Defibrillator, Pace-maker, Hearing Aids.

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Patient Monitoring

Patient MonitoringInstruments are used to measure and monitor a patient’s vital signs and other functions.

Our PCBs are used in blood glucose and ECG.

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Other ApplicationsAll other electronics which are used for specific medical applications.

Our PCBs are used in surgical tools, test & analytical IT, Biochips, RFID

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